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Pine City

Child Care for Infants

Do you have open enrollment?
How old does my infant have to be?
What do I need to provide for my infant?
What is the adult to infant ratio?
Is the center secure?
Do you allow breast milk?

An Infant Program focused on your child’s safety and comfort

Classroom Goals

We are committed to providing a nurturing atmosphere where safety and comfort are a top priority. We strive to make our parents feel confident that their children are receiving the best care.

Exceptional Environment

We work hard to ensure that our classrooms exceed state standards. Our classrooms are clean, organized and have updated equipment. Our goal is to create and maintain a warm and welcoming environment that parents and children love to be at on a daily basis. 

Thoughtful Team Members

Our staff are carefully chosen and placed in the classrooms that best suit their skills. All staff are up to date on training, inservice hours and modern practices for today’s child care world. It is a priority for our staff to engage in and maintain positive relationships with our children and their families.

Special Events

In the infant room, we love to celebrate each child’s individual milestones and development. We share our family information by posting family pictures and celebrating a different child  each month with our Infant of the Month board.