Child Care for School-Agers

Do you have open enrollment?
How old does my School-Ager have to be?
What do I need to provide for my School-Ager?
What is the adult to School-Age ratio?
Is the center secure?
Do you follow a curriculum and schedule?

A School-Age program focused on Educational Fun

Classroom Goals

Our School-age room is a great place to foster friendships, have fun, and stay active!

Exceptional Environment

We work hard to ensure that our classrooms exceed state standards. Our classrooms are clean, organized and have updated equipment. Our goal is to create a place where School-agers love to be!

Thoughtful Team Members

 Our staff are carefully chosen and placed in the classrooms that best suit their skills. All staff are up to date on training, in-service hours and modern practices for today’s child care world. It is a priority for our staff to engage in and maintain positive relationships with our children and their families. Our School-age staff love to build relationships and have fun!

Special Events

 In the School-Age room, we get to have a lot of fun! Our curriculum includes active lessons and fun activities. In the summer months, our School-agers will engage in a super fun field trip program.