Tuition Rates & Enrollment Fees

Contact us for Weekly, Daily, and Hourly Rates based on location & enrollment choices.

At Early Years Academy, your child will meet new best friends, learn new social skills, hone in on their resourcefulness, and raise their learning potential.

Our tuition rates directly reflect the quality of care and teaching that each child receives. We think strive to spend dedicated one-on-one time with each student, every day. Our experience has taught us that the longer a child stays enrolled at our academy, the more prepared they are for school and life.

Full Time: 26 hours – 50 hours per week, max 10 hours per day

Part Time 25 hours and under per week, max 10 hours per day

If you are enrolled Part Time and exceed 25 hours consistently, you will be asked to pay the Full Time rate. Part time schedule can change each week with proper notice to the director for scheduling.

Payment for care is due the Friday before the week of care is given.

Please note: All weekly payments remain the same whether your child is in attendance or not.

There is a fee of $1.00 for every 1 minute you are late, after 6:00 pm.

$50 enrollment fee per child.

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