Parenting Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

It’s a new year, another 365 days to make memories, laugh, grow, improve, and make a difference. As such, New Year’s resolutions abound. However, despite the good intentions, many resolutions fall by the wayside by the end of February, give or take four weeks!  The reasons for why the resolutions fail vary. But some common causes, according to psychologists, include:

  • Resolutions being too big
  • We don’t think about the Why behind them
  • We aren’t ready for the changes needed
  • We don’t have a plan to implement them

It can be easy to forego New Year’s resolutions altogether. But what if you choose resolutions that benefit both you and your family? Then, you share them with your family to work as a team. With that approach in mind, achieving the goals could be fun and doable.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Family

Think about how you spend time with your kids.

Parenting Resolutions

Being in the car or the same room is not the same as being fully present and engaged with your children. Set aside at least 10 minutes per child daily to spend with them doing their chosen activity. This means you put down the phone, ignore the text or emails, and give them your full attention. This will mean the world to your child and encourage open conversation.

Get some rest.

This is vital for you and your child. Establish a routine and stick with it. Yes, there will be times when bedtime may fluctuate by 10-15 minutes, but endeavoring to stay on schedule ensures everyone gets plenty of rest.

Listen more, talk less.

Ask your children open-ended questions and listen to what they have to say. Questions such as, “What do you think? “What would/will you do?” “What are your feelings?” Let your child express themselves. This, in turn, gives you insight into who your child is and is becoming.

Work together.

Playtime is essential, but in any household, there are always chores. Giving your child age-appropriate responsibilities teaches them responsibility and the satisfaction of a job well done. You may opt for a chore chart, assigning everyone a specific task for each week, or even have a chore jar with jobs written on slips of paper. But whatever the approach, teach them how to do a job correctly. Also, model the behavior you expect to see.

Stay cool.

It’s easy to get short-tempered, impatient, or snippy with our kids- especially when other parts of life can cause stress. Do your best to stay calm with your kids. Likewise, help your kids learn to stay calm when things don’t go as planned. Disappointment and challenges are part of life. Learning how to react healthily is important.

Learn new things.

Make learning something fun. It might be dancing, learning to ride a bike, trying a new sport, or being intentional about reading. Whatever it is, find something new. And if it is an activity you and your child can do together, it is a win for everybody!

Be kind.

A great resolution for the whole family is to show extra kindness, caring, and encouragement. Look for ways to be positive. Show respect to each other and the people you meet. The world can always use a little extra kindness.

As you consider your goals, don’t forget the age(s) of your child(ren). To be involved, they need to understand how the resolutions will benefit them in the long- and short term. New Year’s resolutions can be fun and make life better. What goals will you choose? The Early Years Academy Child Care would love to hear about them!